In August 2010 I’m not sure I’d heard of Louisville.

Yes, I heard of the Kentucky Derby, KFC, the ‘slugger’ – maybe but the city of Louisville. Not so sure.

Then, in September I got asked if I’d be interested in helping host a photographer from our twin city in the USA. “What twin city?”.


Shuffle forward to spring 2011 and Michael Brohm came to Leeds and captured his initial take on the city. A few months later I went to Louisville.

What a great experience I had – friendly people, an intriguing city and unexpected similarities alongside surprising differences.

This project aims to start off where my visit ends; bringing together artists, craftspeople, designers and other creative people from both cities to work together collaboratively to develop new and exciting work – and to share it with the people of both cities.

We hope you enjoy looking around this site. If you are interested in getting involved or supporting this project, then please get in touch.

Jon Eland
Project Coordinator (Leeds) 

One thought on “About

  1. Jon, what an awesome project! I feel like Leeds and Louisville are forever tied together by getting to experience each of our cities from so many perspectives. Through the eyes and heart of the artists I can see, taste and almost touch what is magnificent and forgotten in both these cities. One of our finest moments! Proud to be your sponsor… Sister Cities of Louisville Sylvia Bruton, Co-chair, Leeds

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