OPPORTUNITY: Project Curating Editor

(preferably Louisville-based*)

Following the near completion of the first LVLLDS project, ‘The Textures of Two Cities’, we are now looking for a curating editor for our next project.

This second project is anticipated to be a multidisciplinary project of several visual artists creating a work to represent their home city, with an another artisan from the partner city creating a words-based response to their project. The output of this will (like the first project) be both on and offline in nature. We anticipate a 12-24 artists being involved.

The appointed individual will be asked to help shape the project, by answering artist questions, reviewing supplied material and connecting appropriate artists in each city. The appointed person will not be expected to recruit artists, prepare the content for final publication or provide detailed editing services – but will not be dissuaded from doing so. They will be invited to nominate themselves as an artist in the project if they wish. Anyone proposing themselves should be aware that at the core of this project is the aim to provide opportunities for creative people in both cities to collaborate and share.

As with other elements of this project the role will be voluntary. It will commence in April 2012 and be concluded in August 2012, at the latest.

If you are interested in this permission, please email me with a short biog/resumé (a single paragraph should suffice) and an indication of why you are interested in the project.

Please post questions as comments below or email me.

*The reason for the Louisville preference on this project is that the first project’s curating editor was Leeds-based.

Image – detail from a work by Michele Larocque produced for the first LVLLDS project.

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