Introducing… Debi Holbrook

The final of our four artists for the first Leeds-Louisville creative project is Debi – we’d been talking about collaborating for months and it was when we started to pull that collaboration together that the idea of producing a trans-atlantic project emerged so, Debi…

Jon: How did you find the project?
Debi: After the lull of Christmas and New Year this project was just the thing to jump start a creative 2012 – very refreshing.

And how much did you know about Louisville before you started?
Shamefacedly l knew very little but the project got me curious and thanks to the power of Google l now know a lot more and my ears will be pricked the next time l hear Louisville mentioned.

What do you think to collaborative projects such as this?
Before my first collaboration I had reservations but found my main concerns i.e. ‘my collab partner and I have different ideas’ or ‘I’m not in control of the outcome’, are the very reasons to embrace such a project. Working with and sharing new media, ideas and ways of doing is eye opening and not being in total control is the core reason for collaborating.

What advice would you give to others considering getting involved?

  • Don’t be afraid – give it a go.
  • Communicate honestly with your partner.
  • Be realistic about how much you can put into the project, time wise especially, but when it comes to skills, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries.
  • Go with your gut instinct.
  • Come to decisions quickly (not too quickly) and if something isn’t working, move on.
  • Document the process.

What’s your general creative practice?
‘Visual Artist’ is a bit nondescript but l cant find an alternative. I sculpt, draw, paint, collage (mainly) but use photography, make prints, site specific and performance work. My main concerns are in ‘absence and evidence’ but l don’t restrict myself.

…and any recent career highlights?
Professionally (but, unfortunately, not financially), 2011 was a very good year all round – lots of exhibitions and a few firsts like going freelance, having works published and a first solo exhibition.

So, after this – what’s next?
A month-long drawing-a-day project and a couple of exhibitions to prepare work for. I also have a list of potential projects l’d like to make a dent in but it’s unrealistically long. And the bug bear l must conquer soon is to start blogging!

For more see Debi’s Flickr pics – a mixture of photography, art and the obligatory kitten shots!

Image © Debi Holbrook – all rights reserved.

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