Introducing… Sheri Wright

I thought it would be good to give everyone a bit of an introduction and some context to the artist photographers taking part in this current project and so I’ve taken it upon myself to interview each. So, today I’m starting with Sheri…

Jon: Hi! Thanks for taking part in this project – as part of it I’d like to ask you a few questions to post on the new website so those buying / reading our publication can find out a bit more about what you are and do.

Let’s start with – how did you get involved with the project?

Sheri: Fortunately, the project found me by way of meeting you during a photo walk in Louisville, Kentucky. We had previously come into contact through Flickr, where you invited Louisville photographers to participate in your Sister Cities Project. I feel very honored to have been a part of this undertaking.

Prior to taking part in this project how much did you know about Leeds?

I had heard the city’s name, but knew nothing of it’s relation to Louisville as a sister city. I am very happy to have learned more of the history of Leeds, particularly its cultural heritage, museums and support for the arts. Leeds is definitely a place I would like to visit, get to know.

What is your attitude to collaborative projects such as this?

I’m all for collaborations with creative people, opening doors to new experiences and places. I think we can improve ourselves, how we relate and bridge the rest of the world by looking beyond our own personal universe. I feel it’s a privilege and a responsibility to take part in what goes on around me, stretch a little further when I can.

What advice would you give to other creatives considering getting involved?

Be willing to be open to other people’s ideas and towards working together. Artists have a tough enough time making it by themselves. But putting aside any thoughts of finical gain, consider how rich our communities could be if we all worked together to support each other, what new creations we could have and share, how we could show the importance of art in our lives, the impact it can have on those around us and in our cities.

How about you describe your general creative practice?

It can vary. Ideas can come out of nowhere any time, for a variety of reasons, sometimes no more than a notion or phrase. It’s best to always have a notebook handy because I will likely forget the big idea that jerked me out of sleep. Be a good secretary and the artist will thank you for it.

Can you share with us some recent highlights from your creative career?

I’m quite delighted to say my poetry received a nomination for the Pushcart Prize. The recognition is still sinking in. My artwork and poetry were recently featured in Public Republic, another border crossing journal.

After this – what is next for you?

I’m working on a new book that combines my poetry and photography. Very excited about this new project, having not done one quite like it before. It’s so much fun to enhance a particular form of art with another. New ideas often spark from old ones, creating something different and exciting.

Can you give us your favorite image similar to those taken for the project to share on the site?

That’s tough to say, since they are all so good. My favorite is the project as a whole. I love the concept of crossing ponds, the focus on texture and the talent to put it all together.

Can you send us something different to your work on the project to share on the site?

Thank you for offering to share a little more of my work. I do appreciate it.

Do you have a blog or online folio readers can see your work on?

More examples of my work can be seen on and at

Thanks, Sheri – I can’t wait to see and share your responses to this project!

The main image (top) is called Elipses and is one of Sheri’s pieces.
It is all rights reserved, and used with permission of the artist.

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