Texturally speaking

Well, as the first post I’m happy to say we are underway with our first project!

Four artists, including myself, have started creating new photographic work documenting textures of the city.

In each city a starting place was selected and the pair went out together, capturing the textures they found along the way.

The Louisvillian’s starting location was Billy Goat Strut Alley – firmly in the heart of ‘NuLu’ – an area of the city being redeveloped and formerly the location for goat racing! The Loiners chose to start at the ‘Stick or Twist’ pub – in the shadow of Leeds’ new Arena and close to both older city residential areas and new student accommodation blocks.

We are now in the process of preparing and editing a selection of these images; which will be added to a new gallery on this website and collated into a booklet that will be available to browse online and, hopefully, buy in both cities.

The project started when Jon saw Debi’s work in a local exhibition and enquired about collaboration. He’d already met Sheri when she answered a call to join him on a photo walk through the Frankfort Avenue area of Louisville during his visit. Michele was recruited by Sheri to complete the group.

Planning for the project was undertaken on Facebook.

The artists involved are in the project are Debi Holbrook (Leeds), Michele Larocque (Louisville), Sheri Wright (Louisville), and myself – Jon Eland (Leeds).

Image: Fossilised textures Jon found in Bernheim Forest, near Louisville, during his visit. © Jon Eland 2011, some rights reserved.

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